3 Things You Must Do When Buying a Home

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1: Create a Mortgage Watch List

One of the biggest things that comes with purchasing a home is getting your home loan  in order; there are so many choices today so it pays off. You can now apply for a home loan online easily or even use a mortgage broker to shop for your loan with hundreds of lenders. Creating a chart of the various options that you may have will help ease your decision-making process.

2: Get the Best Home Inspections

The crazy and sad truth of homes, is that people often spend more money paying to inspect a used car than when purchasing a used home. Purchasing a thorough and top of the line home inspection will save you a lot of headache in purchasing a new or used home.

3: Create a Plan to Protect your Home

Purchase a home protection plan in order to better protect you and the seller. A home warranty is a service contract, normally for one year, which protects homeowners against the cost of unexpected repairs or replacement of their major systems and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear. A negotiable contract between the buyers and sellers which does not overlap or replace homeowner’s insurance policy and will help make things easy for everybody. The warranty covers mechanical breakdowns, while insurance typically repairs the related damage. For example: if a hot water heater burst and destroyed a wall in your home, the warranty would repair the water heater and your insurance would pay to fix the wall.

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