Flower Mound Homes for Sale: 4 Tips for Buying a House

Flower Mound Homes For SaleChecking out Flower Mound homes for sale? An experienced real estate agent can show you homes in your price range and provide you with detailed information about the property and community. You’ll still need to do your homework to make sure you select the right property. Here are a few tips to make sure you find the right house for your family.

1 – Research the Neighborhood

Even if you think you’ve found the perfect house at the perfect price, don’t sign on the dotted line just yet. Check out the neighborhood at different times of the day to see what the neighborhood is like before and after dark. Are there stores, banks, supermarkets and medical offices within a comfortable driving distance of the house? Take a test run on your daily commute to be sure you can get to and from work in a reasonable amount of time. Ask about the schools in the area, even if you don’t have children. Living in a good school district can increase home values by as much as 20%.

2 – Get Pre-Approved for Your Home Loan

Getting pre-approved for a loan isn’t the same as being pre-qualified. When you’re pre-approved, it means a lender has studied your financial information and let you know how much they will lend you to buy one of the many Flower Mound homes for sale. Pre-approval gives you a definite financial limit to work with, eliminating the temptation to waste time looking at expensive property that’s out of your price range.

3 – Hire a Home Inspector

Before you commit to buying a house, hire a home inspector to give the property a clean bill of health. An unbiased, third-party inspector offers an independent review of the home. Choose a certified inspector who belongs to the National Association of Home Inspectors or other national or state professional group. Inspectors check exterior conditions (roofs, chimneys, outside walls, decks), the heating and air conditioning system, plumbing fixtures, doors, windows and electrical outlets. They’ll also look at the attic and crawlspace for proper ventilation and insulation.

4 – Hold On to Your Money Before Looking at Flower Mound Homes For Sale

Improve your chances of getting pre-approved for a home loan by being thrifty six months or so before looking at Flower Mound homes for sale. Avoid buying big ticket items or opening new credit cards before buying a house. If you incur too much debt around the time of your home search, lenders will be hesitant to give you a loan.

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