Flower Mound Homes For Sale: 4 Tips For Getting The House You Want

flower mound homes for saleThe housing market in North Texas is hotter than hot so if you’re in the market for Flower Mound homes for sale, you’re going to have to bring more than just a pocketful of cash.  In the kind of seller’s market that we’re experiencing right now, buyers have to be super-motivated and that means going the extra mile.  Here are 4 tips that will give you the edge when it comes to getting the house of your dreams:

1 – Be Prepared To Move Quickly

With homes selling within hours of going on the market, it’s imperative that you have all of your financing in place.  Though people who pay with cash are preferred by buyers who want to sell quickly if you know how much you can spend and you’re preapproved for a loan, your offer should carry as much weight as a cash offer.  In addition to having the money to act quickly, you must also be prepared to make an offer the same day you view a house if you decide you want it, so make sure that everyone involved in deciding on a home is with you when you walk through it.

2 – Offer More Than The Asking Price

As much as you may not want to, you will probably have to offer more than the asking price on any of the Flower Mound homes for sale you’re interested in.  If one of the homes you want is in high demand, the seller will look for offers over the asking price, sound financing and few conditions on the sale.  In a hot housing market, don’t bank on offering less than the asking price and being able to negotiate back and forth.

3 – Connect With The Seller

All things being even – offer amounts, financing, etc. – making a connection with the seller could be the key to getting your offer accepted over others.  Write a letter to the seller and tell them what you like about their home, especially any improvements they’ve made, and how much you want it to be your family’s home.  If the seller has lived in the home for many years and raised a family in it, they likely will prefer selling their home to someone who wants to live in it rather than to an investor or house flipper.

4 – Be Flexible

Sellers can often be as surprised as buyers when homes sell quickly.  They may not be expecting a solid offer on the first day their home goes on the market so they may not have prepared for a quick closing or having to move out on short notice.  Ask the seller’s realtor when you make your offer if there are any special terms the seller is looking for to make your offer more attractive.  Offer to let them stay in the home longer, rent-free if necessary, or move your closing date.

Your best bet, in any kind of housing market, is to work with a realtor who not only knows North Texas but who can give you the sound advice you need to get the home you want.  When you’re looking at Flower Mound homes for sale, the best realtor to have on your side is Sean May Homes.  Call us at Sean May Homes at (972) 457-3002 or visit us online at www.newflowermoundhomes.com to start your home search.

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