Homes For Sale In Lewisville ISD: How To Find The Right Neighborhood

Homes For Sale Lewisville ISDIf you’re looking for a home in North Texas and you have children, consider looking at homes for sale in Lewisville ISD.  Why Lewisville ISD?  Because Lewisville ISD has a record of academic and athletic excellence that means your children will get a first-rate educational experience at any school in the district.  So, once you’ve settled on looking at homes for sale in Lewisville ISD, it’s time to decide on the right neighborhood, and that’s not easy with all the great places to live in North Texas.

Think About What You Want

Before you even climb into your car to look at homes you’re considering, make a list of your wants and needs.  Since you have kids, you want to live as close to schools in Lewisville ISD as possible.  If you have younger children, it’s more important that the school be nearby.  You’ll also have to think about proximity to parks and playgrounds.  Think about your commute to work, too.  How much are you willing to drive to get into the right neighborhood?  Also think about the age of the neighborhood.  Do you want to live in a new development or in an older, established or historic neighborhood?   

Gather Information about homes for sale in Lewisville ISD

Once you’ve got a list of homes you want to visit, and you’ve narrowed it down to homes in neighborhoods that meet most (or hopefully all) of your criteria, it’s time to do some detective work.  Check crime statistics for the neighborhood.  You may be able to find this information online or you may have to call the local police department.  Find out if there is a homeowner’s association in your neighborhood that restricts what you can do with the outside of your home.  Look at the specific schools your children will be attending to see what their state ratings are.


The last step is to visit the homes and neighborhoods you’re considering.  But remember to take in more than just the details of the homes themselves; check out the neighborhood details as well.  Falling in love with a home but hating its neighborhood is a recipe for long-term unhappiness.  Are the nearby houses well-maintained?  Do the neighbors keep their lawns mowed?  Are there sidewalks throughout the neighborhood?  Are there any signs of trouble like graffiti on fences or lots of ‘for sale’ or ‘for rent’ signs?  Make sure to drive through the neighborhoods in the daytime, at night and on the weekend to see how quiet they are at different times and if the activity level changes in the area.

Finding a great home in a great neighborhood is easier if you take the time to do your homework and figure out exactly what you want.  To get help, call Sean May Homes, the best realtor who knows North Texas, at (972) 457-3002.  You can also start your search for great homes for sale in Lewisville ISD by visiting us online at

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