RE/MAX Homes For Sale Flower Mound TX: Things To Look For When Viewing Homes

RE/MAX homes for sale Flower Mound TXWhen you’re looking at RE/MAX homes for sale in Flower Mound TX, you can often find yourself rushing from house to house for viewings and that means you won’t always have time to look for every little thing you need to look for in a home that will make it the right one, or the wrong one, for you.  Even though it may slow the viewing process down a little, here are some out-of-the-ordinary things you need to look for in your house hunt:

✓ Hairline cracks in the foundation or on the walls or ceilings.  Big cracks will be pretty noticeable but you should also keep your eyes peeled for smaller cracks that can be a sign of settling, foundation damage or something else that can cost you money if you buy the home.

✓ Storage space.  If you’re looking at RE/MAX homes for sale in Flower Mound TX that have garages, you know it will end up being your main storage area for the home.  But make sure you check inside for adequate storage for all those things you don’t want in the garage like clothing, linens, kid’s toys, etc.

✓ The direction the house faces.  The orientation of the house – north, south, east or west – can make a difference in where and how much sunshine you’ll get inside your home.  In North Texas, controlling the amount of sunlight inside your home is a big consideration.

✓ Staging tricks.  If you’re looking at a home or homes that have been staged to look great, pay attention to the size of the furniture pieces being used – smaller pieces make rooms look bigger – and where mirrors and lights are placed that can also make rooms appear bigger.  Freshly-baked cookies and a fire in the fireplace are ways that homes can be staged to make you fall in love with the ambience and overlook problems.

✓ The condition of the windows.  In order for a home to be somewhat energy-efficient, the windows have to be in good shape.  You should check not only to make sure they all open but whether or not they are double- or single-paned and whether or not all of the caulking and insulation around them is intact.

✓ The condition of the plumbing.  Don’t be embarrassed about turning on all the faucets and flushing the toilets to make sure, at the very least, that the water is flowing in the home.  Let the water run hot, too, to make sure the water heater will be working when you move in.

✓ The attic space.  Nobody likes looking in attics except home inspectors.  But it’s something you should do as well to see if it can be used for storage or converted into another bedroom.  It will also give you a chance to look for adequate insulation.

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