RE/MAX Homes For Sale Flower Mound TX: Tips For Beating Out Other Buyers

If you haven’t heard alrre/max homes for sale flower mound txeady, the housing market in the Dallas area is hot.  A combination of the leftover effects of the 2007 housing crash that drove many builders from the business and the influx of many new businesses into the area have left a dearth of available homes on the market, which translates into good news for sellers and bad news for buyers.  So, if you’re looking for a home in North Texas and you don’t want to pay more than you can afford just to grab a home, what’s the answer?  Try checking out RE/MAX homes for sale in Flower Mound TX.


The best way to find your home in Flower Mound in by working with the best RE/MAX realtor in the area, Sean May Homes.  Sean May can help you find the house that’s right for you in every way – the right neighborhood, the right features and the right price.  But once you’ve found the home that makes you daydream about your future in it, how can you ensure that you’re going to win out over other buyers?  Here are some tips:


✓ Get Pre-Approved

Don’t just wander into home-buying – be prepared.  When you’re looking at RE/MAX homes for sale in Flower Mound TX, you must be pre-approved for a home loan.  In a hot housing market, sellers won’t wait to find out if you can put your money where your mouth is after you’ve made an offer.  They’ll pass right over you to get to the next buyer who did what he was supposed to do by getting a pre-approval.


✓ Get Educated

Research the area where you’d like to buy a home.  Get to know the neighborhoods and comps for those neighborhoods so you’ll know what a reasonable price is to pay for a home in that area.  Remember your maximum bid for any home because problems can arise when home-buying gets competitive and emotional.  It’s easy to overbid and overpay, which can lead to serious buyer’s remorse.  Having buyer’s remorse over a pair of shoes is one thing – having it over a house is much worse.


✓ Work With A Great Agent

Sean May Homes can do more than help you to decide how much to offer on a home; he also has the inside scoop on homes that aren’t even listed on the MLS yet so that you can get the jump on other buyers.  His has extensive knowledge of neighborhoods and he can help you understand home inspections and closing costs and much more.


✓ Move Quickly

Don’t wait to see a home that sounds great.  In a competitive market, you must view homes within the first 48 hours that they’re on the market.  And you must be ready to put in an offer the same day you visit a property.


✓ Make An Appealing Offer

Make your best offer first.  Trying to haggle when there are other buyers is a bad idea.  Also a bad idea is to ask for seller concessions like paying your closing costs.  The seller will leap over your offer to the next one.  You must also indicate your flexibility when it comes to possession dates, inspections, etc.


If you’re ready to look at RE/MAX homes for sale in Flower Mound TX, call Sean May Homes at (972) 457-3002.  You can also start your search online at


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