RE/MAX Homes For Sale Flower Mound TX: Use Online Search Tools Wisely

REMAX Homes for Sale Flower Mound TXMost people start their new home search online and if you’re looking for RE/MAX homes for sale in Flower Mound TX, you probably are, too.  At Sean May Homes, we’ve made browsing for a new home easy with our search tool that lets you select from hundreds of homes for sale in North Texas with a variety of search criteria.  Here’s how you can use it wisely to narrow down your search:

???? Don’t put your absolute maximum price in the search tool.

Just because you’ve been preapproved for a maximum amount doesn’t mean that’s the maximum amount you should put in the price search field.  In the current hot housing market you can expect to have to negotiate a price above the asking price of the home or you may even get into a bidding war with another buyer.  With our search tool, you have the choice of selecting a listing of newest homes on the market first so that you can schedule a tour or make your offer quickly.  If you prefer to try to get a bargain, select a listing of homes that have been on the market the longest to find buyers who might take a lower offer just to sell their homes.

???? Check the map.

Once you’ve got a list of RE/MAX homes for sale in Flower Mound TX, a map showing the location of all of the houses on your list will pop up.  This means you won’t have to switch to an external map site to find all of the addresses on the list – the houses are conveniently marked right on the Sean May Homes website so that you can make sure you’re looking in an area in which you actually want to live.  That way you don’t fall in love with a home that isn’t in your target area and you won’t waste time going to look at it in person.

???? Remember that photos and virtual tours can’t convey the whole picture.

Even if the selling agent takes photos like a professional, the pictures online don’t tell the whole story.  Photos taken from the right angles can make rooms look bigger than they are or omit the convenience store situated next to a home.  Online photos are a starting point but remember that they’re designed to lure you in so that you’ll put the home on your short list and maybe even schedule a home tour.  Once you’ve decided that the home looks alright in the photos and it meets all of your other criteria, then scheduling a tour is what you should do to get the whole picture.

???? Filter your home search by the age of the property.

When you make older homes one of your search criteria, you may be upping your chances of actually buying the home as newer homes sell faster because they are made to higher standards than older homes.  Newer, especially brand new, homes are often made with sustainable materials and are energy-efficient while older homes can contain components that aren’t up to modern safety standards.  If you’re willing to take on the job of living in a home that probably requires some work, then don’t limit your search to newer homes.

If you’re looking for RE/MAX homes for sale in Flower Mound TX or anywhere in North Texas, visit us at Sean May Homes at and start your search.  If you prefer, you can call us at (972) 457-3002 to schedule an appointment to talk to an agent.

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