RE/MAX New Homes In Flower Mound, TX: 5 Tips For Choosing A Home

RE/MAX New Homes Flower Mound TXWhen you’re looking for a home in North Texas, take a look at RE/MAX new homes in Flower Mound, TX.  RE/MAX has a large listing of homes to suit any home buyer and, best of all, these homes are in one of the fastest-growing suburbs of Dallas.  Flower Mound’s population has increased rapidly in the last decade because of its proximity to the Dallas metro area and because it still retains a small-town feel despite its growth.  So why wouldn’t you want to consider RE/MAX new homes in Flower Mound, TX.  

Deciding on the Flower Mound area is the easy part of your home search.  The hard part is finding the right home for you and your family.  If you keep a few tips in mind as you begin, you’ll have an easier time ending up in your dream home:

1 –  Don’t Get Hung Up On Square Footage

When comparing homes, don’t fixate on square footage.  A home that has 2,500 square feet but has 10-foot ceilings may be more expensive than the same-size home with standard-height ceilings.  There are a number of factors that can determine how much you should pay for a home, like upgrades and renovations, that can mean a big price difference between two homes with the same square footage on the same street.

2 –  Don’t Expect To Find The Perfect Home

Your dream home won’t be perfect so try not to nitpick too much if you find a home that’s almost perfect.  If your basic requirements in a home are there – great layout, corner lot, enough room to grow – then you can fix relatively little things like replacing kitchen counters or adding a deck or whatever it is you want.  If you decide every detail must be right from the beginning, you could be searching for a very long time.  

3 –  Don’t Rush

If you’re not on a tight schedule to find a home, take your time and don’t buy just because you think that’s all there is.  If you absolutely aren’t loving any of the homes you’re seeing, give it time because RE/MAX new homes in Flower Mound, TX come on the market every day.

4 –  Don’t Forget The Neighborhood

Your new neighborhood is almost more important than your new home because no matter what’s wrong with your home, it can be fixed.  The one thing you can’t do with it, though, is pick it up and move it to another neighborhood if you don’t like the one you’re living in.

5 –  Don’t Back Down On Non-Negotiables

Let your realtor know upfront the things you won’t live without in a home.  Though your new home won’t be perfect, it must have the items on your list that you’ve always wanted and that are critical to your enjoyment of the home.  This will help your realtor to narrow his focus to showing you only homes that fit these criteria and will keep both of you from wasting your time looking at homes that just won’t work.

For help in your home search, call the RE/MAX realtor who knows Flower Mound and who can find the best home for you, Sean May Homes, at (972) 457-3002.  You can also visit us at to start your search online. 

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