RE/MAX Real Estate Agency Flower Mound TX: 5 Open House Tips To Remember

RE/MAX Real Estate Agency Flower Mound TXWhen you work with the best RE/MAX real estate agency in Flower Mound TX, Sean May Homes, you’ll get great service from seasoned professionals who know everything, or close to everything, about the real estate market in North Texas.  At Sean May Homes, we give our clients – buyers and sellers – every tool they need to make the right decision when it comes to finding their dream home or selling their dream home to a new owner.  One of the most important tools we encourage our buying clients to use is the open house.

Open houses are a popular way for sellers and their agents to advertise and showcase a home for sale.  A freshly-cleaned and, often, staged home allows potential buyers to see inside a home rather than just looking at photos of the home online.  If you’re house hunting with our RE/MAX real estate agency in Flower Mound TX and you want to tour as many open houses as possible before you make your selection, here are some open house tips to consider:

1 – Don’t go too far afield.
If you’re looking for a home in a specific city or neighborhood, limit your open house viewing to those areas.  It’s all too easy to get caught up in a frenzy of home shopping and the excitement of being able to walk through homes for sale and you could find yourself looking at homes that aren’t anywhere near where you want to be.  Why waste your time?  Stay in your selected area.

2 – Don’t be too strict with home prices.
If you’ve been approved for $300,000, it’s okay to look at homes that cost a little more and a little (or a lot) less.  A less expensive home may be just what you need without the higher price tag and a more expensive home may have a negotiable price.  Just try not to torture yourself by looking at homes that are too expensive and that you can’t afford under any circumstances.

3 – Listen to other buyers.
You won’t catch every detail of a home when you’re walking through so keep your ears open for comments made by other buyers.  They may see things you miss.  And more experienced buyers may know more about the asking price than you do – whether it’s too high or non-negotiable.

4 – Talk to the showing agent.
The agent showing the home you’re walking through likely knows a lot about the neighborhood, the home’s history and more so take the time to talk to him.  Introduce yourself but don’t feel pressured to supply contact information if you don’t want to, although a slightly desperate agent could be a sign that the sellers want to sell quickly and the agent wants to accommodate them.

5 – Know the DOM for each home you visit.
Knowing the DOM or ‘days on market’ for each home you plan to visit gives you a valuable bargaining tool if you find a home you love that’s out of your price range.  Great homes at reasonable prices sell pretty quickly.  If you’re touring a home that looks great but it’s been on the market 60, 100 or even more days, then there’s a good chance it’s overpriced and the seller may be willing to negotiate just to get out from under it.

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