RE/MAX Real Estate Agency In Flower Mound, TX: 5 Ways Realtors Help

RE/MAX Real Estate Agency Flower Mound TXSearching for a new home is no walk in the park.  At Sean May Homes, we are the premier RE/MAX real estate agency in Flower Mound, TX and we know that house hunting is way more stressful than reality television would have you believe.  That’s why working with a great realtor and a great real estate agency is the best way to make the process easier and less stressful.  Not sure how our RE/MAX real estate agency in Flower Mound, TX can help?  Here are 5 areas in which a realtor is essential:

1 –  Financing A Home

A realtor can tell you what the financial process of buying a home looks like and he or she can show you how to prepare for it.  In addition, they likely can refer you to reputable local lenders they trust who will give you a great rate and who will act in your best interest.  Without a realtor, you’re on your own when it comes to finding lenders, knowing what lenders are looking for and understanding mortgage documents.

2 –  Finding A Home

A professional realtor specializes in finding the right homes for their buyers and has many weapons in his or her arsenal when it comes to giving clients the selection they want.  In addition to the MLS database, realtors have access to listings for homes that haven’t even hit the market yet and information about short sales, foreclosures and more.  A realtor knows the area where you’re looking and can find a home in just the right neighborhood that will meet all of your needs.  Without a realtor, you may find yourself spending hours online looking for homes that may not even be where or what you want.

3 –  Conducting Negotiations

Your realtor will know if the house you want is reasonably priced and can help you to formulate an offer that is fair to both you and the seller.  They know what information about the home is needed to give you leverage when it comes to making a deal.  He or she can also make sure that your needs are met when it comes to your timeline for possession of the home, your desire to have the seller pay closing costs and more.  Without a realtor, you will have to do all of your own research to make sure you’re offering the right price and you’ll have to negotiate with the seller yourself.

4 –  Inspections And Due Diligence

Finding a home and agreeing on a price are the first part of the process of buying a home that also includes appraisals, inspections and financing issues that all play a part in determining whether or not you end up with the home you want.  A realtor knows what steps have to be taken and can give you sound advice at every one of them.  Without a realtor, you could find yourself in trouble if some aspect of your financing falls through or your appraisal or inspection aren’t what you hoped they’d be.

5 –  Closing

A realtor will be with you at closing to explain all of the closing costs and the meaning of each document you sign.  Without a realtor, you will be on your own when it comes to understanding exactly what you’re signing and why.

Don’t go it alone.  Buy your dream home with the help of the best RE/MAX real estate agency in Flower Mound, TX, Sean May Homes.  Call us at Sean May Homes at (972) 457-3002 or visit us online at

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